Secure your WordPress Blog Immediately

Secure your WordPress Blog Immediately

July 19th, 2014 by Christopher C. Wright

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Many Petaluma business owners utilize WordPress, a powerful website and blog publishing software. Recently however security researchers have discovered wide-sweeping security vulnerabilities that could allow criminals unrestricted access to content served by WordPress. While we always recommend staying updated, to secure your WordPress installation it is essential that you update your website immediately if you use any of the following plugins:

Scope of the Problem

It is estimated that over 20 million websites could be vulnerable to attacks that can hijack your content, change your administrative passwords, and even offer malicious software or participate in denial-of-service attacks against other hosts. As of publishing this article each of the plugin authors have updated their software and patched these holes, but often website maintainers do not follow security blogs like ours or are notified when dangerous vulnerabilities are found. Secure your WordPress blog immediately by performing updates.

How to Update your Plugins

If you are using WordPress you are likely affected and should update your plugins immediately. WordPress can be configured to auto-update itself, including necessary security patches in the core server software, but many plugins do not have auto-update capability. Secure your WordPress website or blog immediately to make sure that you do not lose data, are not locked out of your own content, and are not serving malicious files to visitors.

To update these plugins, log in to your WordPress administration page, often found at and click on ‘Updates’ beneath the Dashboard link in the left menu. If you aren’t using the latest version of one of the above plugins, on this page you will be able to see which ones can be automatically updated. Secure your WordPress site by updating all of these plugins with these crucial patches.

Staying Protected

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