Truly Proactive IT Support

Truly Proactive IT Support

December 1st, 2014 by Christopher C. Wright

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It is our sincere pleasure to announce the merger of MSMB Networks and Kyocera Intelligence—a partnership that promises unparalleled support to clients across the North Bay! Join us as we expand our capabilities and the services available to businesses large and small, with a greatly-expanded helpdesk, revolutionary monitoring and managed support, and proactive IT services that more than live up to the name. For our existing clients who have already begun seeing the benefits, and new clients looking for a better way to manage their network, we are Kyocera Intelligence.

How does this Merger Help Me?

With the flexibility of a small firm but the security of a multi-billion dollar parent company, our singular focus is on the growth of your company and helping it to meet its technological needs. Unlike many other managed service providers (MSPs), Kyocera Intelligence is fully-staffed with network engineers: technology professionals who have made IT their careers. This means that our clients reap the benefits of our broad and deep experience with a wide range of technologies and software suites, so issues are addressed and solved even more quickly than before.

With our new managed service offers, we are able to provide truly proactive services, including regular reviews of your systems and their health, examination of emerging threats and how best to protect against them, and automated resolution to many common issues such as password lockouts or software updates. This means that our team always has eyes on your network and can provide real-time reports. When we say we take proactive steps to protect our clients, we mean it.

Kyocera Intelligence has a proven track record of adjusting to the changing needs of its clients. Unlike many small IT firms our engineers are never “locked in” to a particular role, and are actively encouraged to develop new skills and explore new technologies. Technology changes every day, shouldn’t your IT staff be able to do the same?

While anyone can contact Dell, HP, or Cisco and request a quote for equipment, these companies give the greatest discounts and pricing to companies who place a large number of orders. Kyocera Intelligence has been providing hardware and software solutions for its varied clients for years, and the large volume of orders has ensured that we are able to be more than competitive on almost every workstation, laptop, server, or networking equipment quote.

What is Changing?

Kyocera Intelligence is proud to continue the strong tradition of professionalism and excellent service we established with MSMB Networks more than five years ago. We are greatly expanding the services we are able to offer, and are absolutely committed to helping all of our clients, both established and those new companies moving forward, take care of their current as well as future needs. We are so committed to making this transition and growth as smooth as possible for our clients that we aren’t even changing the phone number!

As Christopher and Stephen have done from the beginning, we are expanding our staff with the best and most forward-thinking engineers in the area, making sure that they understand our philosophy of “clients first.” We have greatly developed our internal ticketing platform and documentation to make sure that every client receives the best and most knowledgeable support, no matter who picks up the phone or visits your location.

In short, we are getting bigger and better!

I’d like to know more!

Christopher remains the primary contact for our Northern California operations and is based out of our office in Santa Rosa. Please give him a call today and find out how our new joint venture can help your company move forward in meeting not just your current needs, but in building a reliable plan for the future!

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Christopher C. Wright is the CTO of MSMB Networks, focusing on network and system administration, upgrade planning, disaster recovery, and IT budget analysis in Petaluma and all over Sonoma and Marin Counties. With more than fifteen years of hands-on experience, he is committed to educating and protecting his clients, ensuring they receive the best individualized support possible. Email him at

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