The History of MSMB Networks

The History of MSMB Networks

2009 was a tumultuous year in the tech industry — Bay Area companies were downsizing or shutting their doors, hardware and software vendors had too much supply and no demand, and many who lost their jobs decided to become “IT guys” as a “cost-effective” alternative to often expensive internal IT staffing. Many such individuals, inexperienced and unprepared for the complex needs of the business world, often left their clients in a far worse situation than when they began, and even with disastrously crippled infrastructure.

Stephen Hicks

Stephen Hicks, MBA

Seeing that the lack of technical know-how, business experience, and fly-by-night operations were crippling Bay Area companies, long-time friends and college classmates Christopher C. Wright and Stephen Hicks made the purposeful decision to form MSMB Networks, combining over twenty-five years of server, network, and workstation support experience. Focusing on companies needing to trim the budget without sacrificing reliability or productivity, especially those harmed by those unqualified to handle projects of such scale, Stephen and Christopher helped business owners not only address their immediate concerns, but also plan and prepare for the future, a tradition that continues today.

Over these past years MSMB Networks has helped Bay Area businesses in over a dozen industries take control of their IT budget and infrastructure, allowing their clients to grow with the changing face of technology in the workplace, exploring every option for what services can and will meet their needs.

Christopher C. Wright

Christopher C. Wright

In 2011 MSMB Networks refocused its attention on the North Bay in particular, utilizing additional on-call technicians to address the growing needs of their clients. Moving the primary office to Petaluma has allowed their team to serve Sonoma, Marin, Alameda, and Napa counties with greater efficiency, providing unparalleled service to an ever-expanding list of local and national companies.

Since then Stephen has moved out of the area, pursuing a life in the far-away lands of Sacramento, but still maintains an active interest in the company, lending his years of experience as a Microsoft-certified Windows System Administrator and MBA whenever needed. Today Christopher and his team of technicians, marketing professionals, salespeople, and vendors work every day to ensure that the Bay Area has the best technical support, network administration, and IT consulting services available.

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