In-person, remote, and emergency services provide constant protection for your networks and data, letting you sleep soundly. We will ensure your data is backed up and protected against accidental deletions, hardware failures, or natural disasters.

Data is the lifeblood of your business — from client lists to financial records, emails to purchase orders, information is the most important valuable commodity you have. Unfortunately very few Sonoma County business owners take steps to ensure their data will be protected in the event of a catastrophe.

With on- and off-site backups, redundant fail-over internet connections, and the proper segregation of user permissions, almost all data-loss crises can be reduced to a momentary inconvenience. With the proper precautions, even severe virus infections can be resolved in less than one minute. MSMB Networks promotes proactive support rather than reactive; almost all data-loss problems are less expensive to protect against beforehand than react to after-the-fact.

Instead of losing hours or days of productivity and hundreds or thousands of dollars on repairs, a fraction of that used as an investment can be the difference between a minor nuisance and a crippling, business-threatening conflagration. When potential clients ask us why we prefer proactive rather than reactive approaches to IT, we cite the situation detailed below, where a single decision turned into a weekend nightmare for one local company.

MSMB Networks is very proud of the fact that with proper protections, our clients have never lost a single file from their backups. Can your current IT solution say the same?

Real-World Example

A San Rafael-based municipal services provider converted their existing hot water closet into a makeshift server room, through which their internet, phones, and backups ran, without first removing the water heater. Though they had ample free rooms, and it had been recommended to them many times since Summer either to move the electrical equipment or the heater, they decided to postpone the decision until after the December holidays. Unfortunately, as they had been warned, the aging water heater burst, flooding their new server room.

Instead of a two-hour migration of their server room to a safer location, the company was faced with their payroll and email servers, UPS systems, phone network, and all backups being under water. The stored energy in the batteries did a number on the internals of every system, frying most of the harddrives and the backups. We were called in Thursday afternoon with the directive that the system had to be up and running before Monday morning, “no matter what.”

While we take pride in the fact that we were able to perform as requested, obtaining and configuring replacement servers, utilizing the services of several local data recovery specialists, and restoring their network, email, and customer database before the start of business, we lament that our client eschewed a two-hour fix to a very serious and looming problem, resulting in a repair that cost them more than some employees’ salaries.

The client never ignored such a suggestion again, and have had a remarkably stable and reliable network every day since; a costly lesson we hope other Sonoma County business owners learn from.


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