Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Satisfied clients are the cornerstone of any good industry. MSMB Networks prides itself on ensuring that the service provided is both of the highest-quality and to the clients’ satisfaction. Following are but a few examples of that satisfaction. Do you have a recommendation or success story? Email us at!

andrea-christensenChristopher arrived about 3 pm yesterday and immediately was on the phone with Sonic for whom he used to work. His “inside knowledge” and ability to speak their language resulted in him being able to migrate our emails to Sonic on all of our office computers within a few hours. By the time he left (he stayed until 7 to minimize interruption to our office) we were up and running again. While some people in my office have a fairly high degree of computer “savvy” – what Christopher accomplished in those few hours would have taken days for another to complete.

This morning I had a few items I needed to clear up, called Christopher, left a message and received a call back within 2 minutes! Then he continued to resolve all of the issues raised immediately by logging into my computer (technology is very cool at times!).

Christopher is also a fabulous consultant. As he was working yesterday, Christopher continually made suggestions as to how to better utilize our systems, protect ourselves from data loss in the future, use different passwords, minimize the size of our files and storage and answered questions about our server. He and I plan to work together again on improving our system.

— Andrea Christensen
Allstar West Insurance

Christopher spearheaded a technically complex systems monitoring project for us. He was able to integrate our Active Directory network with a Linux based monitoring system in a way that allowed us to collect and control various uptime statistics and metrics to properly gauge the scope of our IT needs. Because of his open source software and perl knowledge he was able to customize a number of free packages to meet our needs at a very low cost. I’d highly recommend him if you are looking for creative solutions to difficult technical and strategic issues.

— Mike Cohen
8 Locks Consulting

brandon-lakeThe lease on the building our Engineering firm was renting came up and we decided to move locations rather than renew the lease. We contracted MSMB Networks to handle the server move, set up our workstations, and to simultaneously migrate our website and email services from the ISP we were dissatisfied with to Over the course of a holiday weekend they had everything set and ready to go. Christopher Wright went above and beyond our expectations. He personally managed an AT&T-wrought fiasco that would have prevented us from opening as planned. Without his personal intervention and industry knowledge, AT&T’s poor customer service would have cost our company over a week of productivity. Thanks to MSMB Networks’ relentless dedication, AT&T dispatched a Technician on a federal holiday to resolve the issue.

Needless to say we are very satisfied with MSMB Networks’ service and continue to use them whenever the need arises.

— Brandon Lake
IT Manager, Civil Engineer
J.M. Turner Engineering

javed_khanStephen has been a great asset to HJW. We started the same month and inherited a lot of chaos. Stephen single-handedly created order in our IT infrastructure and helped up to better utilize our assets. Stephen is cost conscious and does not implement ‘Band-Aid’ type solutions. He analyzes the long term needs and proposes solutions accordingly. I frequently have to contact Stephen outside of normal working hours and he never complains about it.

Even without a technician to help him, Stephen has gone through and reformatted PC’s for all of the employees that needed it. Our network is much more organized and we are better utilizing our disk space. We can generate terabytes of data per day and keep it organized and logically archived for posterity. Stephen stays abreast of the latest technologies and is good about making sound proposals that are within the budget of a small company like ours.

— Javed Khan
Director of Operations
HJW Geospatial

mardell_skarkellaI have worked with Stephen Hicks since 2002. He has been the IT Technician for our company for over 5 years and has continued to offer support to us as needed. When our entire computer system crashed in September of 2009, Stephen worked through the night to investigate the crash, rebuilt and modified hardware and presented us with solutions both immediate and long term.

Stephen’s ability to work with staff at all levels is a great plus. He listens carefully when reviewing a problem and is always able to resolve or offer real world solutions.

Stephen’s up to date knowledge of the IT field and ability to help us find a solution that worked best for us was especially appreciated. I would not hesitate to recommend Stephen as your IT professional.

— Mardell Sarkela
Chief Administrative Officer
Marin Sanitary Service

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