Social Media

Social Media

Social Media has done wonders to bring people, communities, and companies together. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other sites present a dizzying array of options, interfaces, and outlets for the sharing of news, ideas, stories, and events from around the world. Many of our clients who read our biweekly IT Blog and receive our monthly newsletter want a way to connect to us further, and to the news that affects their world, on an even more frequent basis.

Utilizing Twitter Twitter and Facebook Facebook we bring the latest in daily news to our friends, clients, and colleagues, and engage them in an active conversation about the amazing world we live in, where ever day something once thought impossible is now within reach.

What’s more, at least once a month we add a new video to our YouTube Channel YouTube, where we discuss common tech “gotchas,” emerging technology, and answer many of the common questions we receive by clients or colleagues. Many of these videos also make their way onto our IT Blog to make them easy to find!

We also often advertise special deals or offerings through our Twitter and Facebook pages; follow us and stay in the loop for the latest news which affects your digital lifestyle!


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