The Services of MSMB Networks

The Services of MSMB Networks

The majority of our clients are business owners in Sonoma County with between five to fifty employees, often with a server providing file storage, email, or website hosting. They recognize the importance of a well-maintained network, proper backup strategies, and want to move their business forward with quality IT planning, seeing it as an investment into their business and not just a budget line item.

All of our services fall into one of the following three categories, which we encourage you to explore and find the right fit for your business. Please email us your questions and check out our FAQ blog!

IT ConsultingBusiness Consulting

  • The core consultation services provided by MSMB Networks encompass an in-depth analysis of a client’s current and future network infrastructure; by examining the current needs of a client’s network, we can generate accurate cost and development estimates for where the client expects their business to be in six months and a year. This allows us to work alongside a business, supporting their growth by upgrading or downgrading their current equipment to save time and funds. It also enables the easy replacement or repurposing of existing equipment to improve the efficiency of the client’s network in a way that is economically sound.

On-Site Supportshutterstock_114106825

  • Providing standardization of hardware and software used within our clients’ networks, we reduce network downtime and the turnaround on familiarizing their new employees on existing systems. Efficient installation and organization of networking equipment increases the speed of both the network and its maintenance should problems arise. With the goal of centralizing services, we reduce the cost of IT administration and increase network protection.

Remote SupportRemote Services

  • An efficient, stable, and secure network is straightforward to maintain. Our ability to perform check-ups on a client’s network not only on-site but also remotely provides each client with convenient and consistent reporting on the utilization and health of their network. The powerful ability to address problems remotely allows for not only the optimization and tune-ups usually associated with an IT check-up, but also a broad array of security benefits and back-up solutions.

Additional Benefits to Local Business

MSMB Networks has worked closely with a huge sphere of vendors for more than a decade, allowing us to provide more services than just solid IT support. Local businesses we trust also provide related business services, including:

  • Insurance and employee benefits
  • Printing, both paper and banners
  • Graphic design and product branding
  • Website design, creation, hosting, and maintenance
  • Marketing and social media broadcasting
  • Internet, phone, and television service


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